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Want to know more? Welcome to Greatest Planet's resources section: We have put together a range of resources for you. We apply a rigorous, analytical approach to keeping this section factual, up to date and non political, in order to stimulate the climate change debate and serve the public interest.

The resource section is updated daily with the latest news about global warming, climate change, energy, ecosystems, pollution, wildlife, and agriculture. We put this news together each day from news sources around the globe. You can also choose to stay updated on these issues by subscribing to Greatest Planet's RSS newsfeed.

It also includes our climate change and global warming blog. As with our news service, you can choose to receive our blog automatically by subscribing to Greatest Planet's RSS blogfeed.

The section also includes a further link (labeled “other”) with includes carefully selected climate change video footage and further reading suggestions, with a great range of books, articles, and speeches to give you the information and inspiration to make a real impact