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Reduce your CO2

Greatest Planet can help you reduce the overall CO2 that you put into the atmosphere. We offer tips on CO2 reduction that can not only reduce your impact on the environment but also save yourself substantial amounts of money. A win, win situation.

Click on households to find out how you can reduce yourCO2 emissions around the home and make the most of your budget too. Or, if you are a business interested in reducing your carbon footprint, click on businesses to learn out how you can reduce yourCO2 emissions in the workplace.

A large proportion of an individual carbon emissions are impossible to avoid, typically around 25 tonnes of CO2 per annum; it is not expensive to completely eliminate these residual emissions if you wish to go “zero carbon”; Greatest Planet do this effortlessly this by investing our customers’ 1 or 3 year offset purchase into a wide range of exhilarating, interesting and, most importantly, verified carbon reduction projects, that remove your CO2 from the atmosphere right now.