Greatest Planet - Zero Impact
Offset your CO2

You can view a full list of the 10 carbon offset projects we support by clicking here. This truly exhilarating portfolio of projects includes a whole range of CO2 reducing ventures, from reforestation in Brazil and windturbines in the US to solar energy, landfill and biomass projects. For each project you can find out more by clicking on 'further information' under the respective project title. Taken together, these projects are expected to sequester CO2 to the tune of 3.4 million metric tons, equivalent to the annual CO2 output of 136,000 households!

All these offset project are verified according to at least one of the appropriate protocols such as the Voluntary Carbon Standard 2007, the Chicago Climate Exchange Offset Protocols, and the Gold Standard. All verifications include site visits, and include audits of the project data and project monitoring equipment. In particular, these audits verify how individual purchases are used to achieve the desired reduction in carbon emissions. After all, you want to be sure your money is well-spent, and we want you to have confidence in the projects we support. Moreover, all these projects meet the all important criteron of 'additionality' (why does this matter?), which ensures that they are responsble for extra greenhouse gas reductions that would not have happened without the money spent by our customers.

If you are interesting in becoming carbon neutral as an individual or for your business, you can do so by buying offsets; by doing so, we are committing to reduce your CO2 emissions to zero by investing in the above projects. You'll receive a certificate confirming that you or your business are carbon neutral, as well as our Greatest Planet window and bumper stickers.

Finally, we offer a generous refund policy; if you change your mind for any reason, we'll issue a full refund without asking why. For details on our refund policy, please click here