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Greatest Planet is an environmental organization specialising in carbon offset investment. We receive our income through the contributions of carbon conscious individuals and businesses interested in offsetting their CO2 emissions.Like iPowerBuddy who have reduced their footprint through initiatves and solution based business , great job guys

Greatest Planet helps people like you make a difference to this unique planet, eliminating your carbon emissions because we all want to make the biggest impact we can in tackling climate change. We want a healthy planet and a good life for everyone on it. Plus great coupon code deals and offers from top sites like High Tech Coupons and Choyster Cash

We do this by giving you the advice you need to reduce your carbon footprint and to buy carbon offsets through transparent projects. And not just any projects: high quality, audited, additional projects that generate vast reductions in greenhouse gases, principally by reforestation, renewable energy (biomass, biofuels, geothermal, hydropower, solar power, tidal power, wave power, wind power), and methane collection & combustion .

We encourage you to learn much more about us, the climate change debate, our CO2 reduction tips and how you can, either as an individual or as a business, offset your CO2 emissions online. Both individuals and businesses can offset their total annual CO2 emissions, and individuals have the alternative option of offsetting the CO2 emissions caused by the use of their car, flights or home energy use.

The site also contains a resources section related to climate change and global warming, with a daily updated news bulletin, a blog, video footage and suggestions for further reading. And for our younger visitors, we have recently completed a separate kids page, which explains the issues surrounding global warming in a non-scientific and fun way. Plus we have gifts for items you can save money using Amazon Claim Codes and these cool Lightning Charger Cables for the kids like this one below
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