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Greatest Planet is an environmental organization specialising in carbon offset investments. We receive our income through the contributions of carbon conscious individuals and businesses interested in offsetting their CO2 emissions..

Greatest Planet helps people like you make a difference to this unique planet, eliminating your carbon emissions because we all want to make the biggest impact we can in tackling climate change. We want a healthy planet and a good life for everyone on it.

We do this by giving you the advice you need to reduce your carbon footprint and to buy carbon offsets through transparent projects. And not just any projects: high quality, audited, additional projects that generate vast reductions in greenhouse gases, principally by reforestation, renewable energy (biomass, biofuels, geothermal, hydropower, solar power, tidal power, wave power, wind power), and methane collection & combustion .

We encourage you to learn much more aboutus, the climate change debate, ourCO2 reduction tips and how you can, either as an individual or as a business, offset your CO2 emissions online. Both individuals and businesses can offset their total annual CO2 emissions, and individuals have the alternative option of offsetting the CO2 emissions caused by the use of their car, flights or home energy use.

The site also contains a resources section related to climate change and global warming, with a daily updated news bulletin, a blog, video footage and suggestions for further reading. And for our younger visitors, we have recently completed a separate kids page, which explains the issues surrounding global warming in a non-scientific and fun way. Plus we have gifts for items you can save money using Amazon Claim Codes and these cool Lightning Charger Cables for the kids

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Stop Spyware Before It Has A Chance To Get You

Can you remember a time that you were happily relaxed, surfing the Internet, when you click on an interesting ad only to get flooded with pop-ups and your browser suddenly decides to visit sites that might make you blush? Or have you possibly ever downloaded something free and installed it only to notice your computer turn sluggish, since there is now a background program running that is tracing your movement online?

Adware and Spyware

Spyware is something that typically gets into your computer without you knowing or having allowed it. It runs in the shadows, gathering personal information or watching what you do with your computer. Many forms of spyware collect information about both your computer and what you do with it. For instance, it might track your patterns of Internet surfing. Unfortunately, truly advanced spyware is known to actually collect sensitive personal data and then communicated it to those who use it for identity theft, be it passwords to websites, account usernames, your credit card numbers, or even instant messages. Adware is a little different from spyware. The purpose of adware is to put advertising content on display on your computer. This is often done through pop-ups, where you see website links and flash advertisements. These ads often highlight products that are legitimate. Many forms of adware analyze your Internet activity so that advertising content can be focused on your personality and interests. Many consumers do not really mind this, but a great many others think this tactic is an invasion of their privacy.

Removing Adware and Spyware

Whether spyware is proving to be a performance drag or an actual security risk, you will quickly discover that certain forms of spyware are beyond bothersome. For instance, adware and spyware, hustling in your computer's background, can wind up dominating the hardware resources of your system, in some cases taking the whole thing down. Slow computers are an irritation to anyone, but home office users find it particularly frustrating. In the meantime, many uninvited pieces of software get on your machine while you traverse the Web. In some cases, you are triggered to download something as you click on a fraudulent dialog box or pop-up. You might see messages that are enticing or seem urgent somehow. You might get tempted with a free gift, or get told you need a particular piece of software for the website to even load. You might get presented with a choice between Yes or No. Many times the software will be loaded anywhere you click on the window, so just close it entirely from the border instead.

Avoiding Adware and Spyware

Many forms of uninvited spyware wind up on your system because of things you might have done, or things you did not actually do. Here's a few pointers on avoiding unwanted adware and spyware: Be picky about the things you download to your system. Be sure you actually have a need for a program prior to downloading any of it. If you are looking at a software maker you have never heard of, read the website thoroughly to discover the individuals behind the program as well as the program itself. Keep an eye out for ActiveX, which is a favorite tool of those who create and spread spyware and adware, as they use it to install things without you knowing or giving permission. Most browsers have preferences that enable you do disable ActiveX; it can be re-enabled for trusted websites that just have to have it. Read every detail of licensing agreements. They might seem daunting with their length and tiny print, but it's never safe to just scroll through them really fast just to hit the Accept button at the bottom, particularly when it comes to freeware. The better thing to do is to read each and ever agreement line by line, looking especially hard for any content or words that relate to information-gathering techniques. These are usually the doors that open the way for adware and spyware that comes attached to your freebie. Keep an eye out for any antispyware scams. The Internet is full of tools that say that are antispwyare but actually do little or even nothing about it. A few of them even actually hurt you. Those who advertise such tools often offer a free system scan that always identifies dozens to hundreds of issues your system, but you can't get them fixed without buying their fake product.

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